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After traveling the world for ten years and working as a tour leader, Robin attended the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. There he was immediately picked up by a booking agent and was sent all over the USA to show his films.

Robin Williams in Performance back shotHis father was the author, David Wynn, who wrote the best seller “THE WORLD MY OYSTER” (Rich & Cowan-London) where he relates his journeys on camel caravans in Turkestan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan in the 1930s. Robin’s father was a real adventurer and was purported to be the very first American to enter Afghanistan.

Robin Williams in Performance talkingRobin D. Williams' film programs have been entertaining audiences in the United States and Canada since 1967 and he has been a regular on the National Geographic Society’s Film Lecture Series since 1972. He is noted for his effervescent stage presence and clarity of voice.

Robin has sailed the English Channel and the French Canal System, traced The Roman Empire throughout the Mediterranean Sea on a converted Scottish trawler, tracked St.Paul’s Journeys through Asia, followed Christopher Columbus from Genoa to the New World, skillfully recreated Mozart’s trip through Italy, replicated Lindbergh’s flight to Paris, retraced Lewis & Clark from their boyhood homes in Virginia to the mouth of the Columbia River, and methodically searched throughout Turkey and unveiled dozens of Biblical Treasures.

A boundless fascination for ancient and modern history and its characters has moved Robin to produce his feature documentaries.

Robin Williams in Performance

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